Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thing's I've accomplished this spring break (part 2)

So I have school tomorrow, and I'm gonna suck it up and not be baby about it. Or at least I'll try. The funny thing is I haven't been able to sleep in late since my dogs wake me up early, so hopefully waking up won't be difficult for me.
Unfortunately, I have not finished my painting like I was hoping. But it is a BIG canvas, so I'm not too disappointed. I have been working on it though!
Slooowly gettin' there
I've also been playing Skyrim, and to answer Blogadog's question: No, I don't usually play games at all, I just watch Doom play. He has a PS3.
But I'm glad I did play this spring break because it was something new and different and fun for me. Once I got used to the whole walk-and-look-at-the-same-time thing, it wasn't that bad! Oh, also Doom had to put it on the easy setting for me so I don't die every time someone attacks. ;_; haaha
And in addition to getting Feivel groomed a few days ago, I groomed Titus today!
No more scruffy face

Both of them before grooming

Lookin' all dapper


  1. OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE IN THE LAST PIC. I mean they're cute all the time but... ;) And ooooh your painting is sooo pretty so far! I wish I could afford to try big canvases! You gave up on the finishing little bits at a time huh? Hehehe I always do it in layers anyways. It's hard to recreate colors.

    1. This canvas was actually a gift for my birthday last year, hahaha, I just never got to use it. But there is also a blick art supply store here and sometimes you can get canvas for super cheap!