Friday, March 15, 2013

Babble Scrabble Dabble Yabble

So last night Doom and a couple of our friends, Chickadee and her boyfriend Orangutan. Justin bought me Hazelnut Baileys, the first alcohol I've enjoyed since being 21. I luuuuurv hazelnut... the alcohol part was nasty but oh well ;)
Then today I went to school, wrote a paper, submitted it, came home... aaaand I got hooked on painting. I just couldn't stop. Its nowhere near being finished but I'm pleased with the progress I made. When Doom came home he was feeling down cause he had a shitty day at work so we went to the movies and saw Burt Wonderstone, which was entertaining (I like Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey, I must admit). When we got home I took Titus for a jog, then started painting again. I had all kinds of intentions on doing some studying today, I really did :( Tomorrow I shall though. This post had no specific point to it really, twas just an excuse to babble while I do laundry, and submit pics of my painting so far.
I know this needs some work still

Adding progressively distant objects is HARD 0_0

Feiboo! :) I'm happy with he came out.


  1. Wow! I love the detail on the tree, and "Feiboo" looks awesome. I am very envious and impressed by your talent.

  2. Ooooh Fei looks amazing you're doing really well! Haha ew alcohol.