Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thing's I've accomplished this spring break (part 2)

So I have school tomorrow, and I'm gonna suck it up and not be baby about it. Or at least I'll try. The funny thing is I haven't been able to sleep in late since my dogs wake me up early, so hopefully waking up won't be difficult for me.
Unfortunately, I have not finished my painting like I was hoping. But it is a BIG canvas, so I'm not too disappointed. I have been working on it though!
Slooowly gettin' there
I've also been playing Skyrim, and to answer Blogadog's question: No, I don't usually play games at all, I just watch Doom play. He has a PS3.
But I'm glad I did play this spring break because it was something new and different and fun for me. Once I got used to the whole walk-and-look-at-the-same-time thing, it wasn't that bad! Oh, also Doom had to put it on the easy setting for me so I don't die every time someone attacks. ;_; haaha
And in addition to getting Feivel groomed a few days ago, I groomed Titus today!
No more scruffy face

Both of them before grooming

Lookin' all dapper

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thing's I've accomplished so far this spring break...

Okay so I'm halfway through spring break... what have I to show for it?!
  • Worked on my painting some more, I'd say I'm about 1/3 of the way there... It's taking longer than I expected! :O

The whole canvas!

  • Just got Feivel all groomed and bathed, he smells good now and isn't all greasy/gross/matted. Yay!

Do I haaaaave to go back to school next week? :( lol At least I should be starting some real research after the break! Hopefully I'll have exciting things to say about that. But for now I shall continue my break!

Of snoops, treasure hunts, and much blubbering (and a ring!)

Okay wow, I've had a crazy past couple days. Monday night I had a bunch of friends over to chill, eat, drink, and watch movies. It ended up being hilarious and fun. It was all for my friend whose birthday I missed because of Feivel's ordeal, so now I am sufficiently forgiven. Then yesterday my 2 friends wanted to have a 'girls day'. I didn't know what was happening until I realized that the ring was gone and Doom hadn't come home from school on time.
Okay, so let's back up a second. Yeah, we had a ring already, it was a gift from Doom's uncle.  And yes, I'm a horrible snoop, and I usually find things out the sneaky way.
Okay, back to yesterday morning: It was a girls lunch date so I took a shower, then tried to call Doom. He didn't answer, and suddenly I was suspicious. So I checked the drawer where we kept the ring and it was gone. Then my friends showed up and surprised me with a clue/poem on a notecard. And thus began our adventure. I followed the clues to Petsmart (where Doom and I met), then to a fast food place where Doom and I first kissed (the funny part is that I hate that food place now!), then to an art store that I love to go to, then to the Springs Preserve, a kind of nature place in the city. I bitched the whole way-- I'm not gonna lie. I didn't want it to be so public and elaborate, but it wasn't that bad in the end. Of course I did cry when he asked me, I couldn't even say 'yes' so I just nodded. HAHA.
We ate at Red Lobster-- where I got a call from Blogadog!! (I laughed so much when you called-- you were like speechless, haha!)
Then we went home and chilled and watched shows and ate food and twas a good day.
Now I have to wear a ring!!! Sometime Doom and I may trade it in for a different ring that is more to my taste, but like Doom said, the ring is the least important part of all this.
But yeah. Its slowly sinking in that we're engaged. I'm happy.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Entropy as summoned by Feivel

Entropy caught up to me, Doom, and Feivel yesterday. It was a pretty busy day, even before Feivel got himself into trouble. Doom worked 6am - 2pm. I got up soon after he went to work, and then went to school for my advising appointment at 9am. It was a good appointment, filled with discussion about graduate school, but I don't feel much like elaborating on it because that isn't the point of this post. After my appointment, I went to lab to help clean and get it ready for the arrival of our frogs, which we will be studying soon. I left there about 11:30, exhausted for some reason. I mean, I was reeeaaally tuckered out. Probably because of midterms. I fell asleep until 2 when Doom came home. He was all excited about going jogging, so he forced me out of bed. We went for a walk around the block (I was already sore from working out the other day) and I took Titus, since it was his turn to go out (I had taken Feivel out last time). Feivel, of course, has separation anxiety so he barks and gets upset while we're gone but normally I don't worry about it. We come home, watch some TV, and then around 6 Feivel throws up. He had been acting perfectly normal for the previous few hours so I thought it was strange, but I went to go let him outside. And thats when I saw it.
Feivel had eaten a large portion of a bottle of doggy joint supplements. Probably when we left him alone earlier. I immediately called the vet, who said to bring him in. So Doom and I take Feivel there, she checks him out, says his vitals are okay but she wanted to go ahead and consult a toxicology vet over the phone. This takes Doom and I $150 deep.
She comes back after we've waited for awhile, and says that she recommended several sets of blood work to monitor his liver since thats the main thing she's worried about, and that she'd also give him meds for his stomach cause those supplements could cause GI upset. She also wanted to induce him to vomit, and keep him overnight on fluids.
Alright, alright, I agreed. I mean, liver problems are serious and I don't want to not know.
That took us $440 deep (that is half of the total they quoted us).
Doom and I went home, Feivel-less.
We were supposed to go out to a friends birthday party, but after all that, we just weren't up for it. So we cancelled. One of my friends is upset, but she'll get over it.
I tossed and turned all night.
In the morning, the vet calls and says first of all that he did well overnight, responding well to fluids and such, but his blood work came and his liver values were high or something, so she wants to try some bile-acid test which would tell her if his liver is doing its job, basically. I asked what would happen if it wasn't, and she said that we'd have to do medications and maybe put him on a special diet or something.
My mom and I are going to pick him up when she gets home in a couple hours, and when we pay the other half it'll bring this visit to a total of $900-$1000.
Man, I get so down when something happens with my dogs. Even Titus is acting sad, he's just been sleeping around all day.
Entropy has a way of catching up with you. Last summer Doom busted up his tire when we hit a rock, I guess we were overdue for something else horrible to happen.
The reason Feivel got to the supplements is because my dad wanted them put behind the TV instead of above it because he thought that it looked ugly when guests came over. But he refuses to assume responsibility. All he says is that "Well Titus doesn't do that, why does Feivel do that?" and "I never wanted those dogs," and "What are you gonna do when you move out?"
I just... I'll feel better when Feivel is home. The vet is really nice, she really likes Feivel and she said he's a good dog (which I found surprising, I always assume he's a terror for them.)
 Today all I've done is clean. I mean, scrub, mop, bleach, spray for bugs, lather, rinse, repeat.
I'm gettin' real tired of your shit, Entropy. 
Feivel, please stop eating shit. -- Doom and Munster

Update-- He's home. He's got anti-nausea meds, tummy meds, and liver meds. He's kinda rough around the edges, and he was thirsty as all hell, but I finally got him to sleep. I'm pretty tired, can't wait to curl up and sleep too. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Don't kill my vibe!

Spring break is so close... I have a biochem exam in a few hours and then... freedom! Well, kinda. I also have an advising appointment tomorrow morning and after that I go into lab to help with set up, but atleast I'll be all finished with my exams... well, kinda... I also have a take-home exam in my history class, but that shouldn't be too bad. Okay, okay, so Spring break is only kiiinda close. Don't kill my vibe, kay?!
My animal physiology exam yesterday was pretty hard! This exam was all action potentials, nerves, endocrinology, and muscles. Argh! Tough stuff. I think I did okay, but I can only miss a few questions to still get an A, which is always scary.
There are so many things I want to do this break, since for once I don't really have anything to do cause all my teachers decided to do exams the week before!
I want to RELAX. :) Maybe I'll cook some fancy things (har har). I'm definitely CLEANING (like, hardcore cleaning, bleaching, scrubbing) EVERYTHING before bug-season hits hard. ;_; Bugs ruin my life.
I ordered Claymore for Doom and I to watch with a gift card so hopefully it will arrive in time for Doom and I to start watching! Ever since we finished Fullmetal Alchemist I've missed watching anime XD
I will also have time to get my fitness on! Its hard to go jogging when I have 2 science exams to study for.
Maybe I'll take my dogs hiking.
Doom wants to try something new, too. Like ice skating or something.
Also, I really want to finish my big painting. That would definitely make this an AWESOME spring break.
I also kinda have had the urge to play skyrim lately, so I might do that.
Hopefully by the end of break I will have accomplished all of these things.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

To tattoo or not to tattoo

I'm not much of a tattoo fanatic. I currently don't have any, I'll appreciate a nice one when I see one though. I've pondered in the past about getting one, and sometimes I'm pretty certain about it, but other times I realize how indecisive I am and I just don't see myself getting one.
If I did get one, I'd always figured it would be something that I drew myself, but when I think about exactly what I want, I have too many ideas floating around in my head and realize you shouldn't try and shove all that into one permanent image. Especially if you can't even sort it out!  I like hares and jackalopes, and I don't know why. I also like stars, and space, and trees, and and and.
I also kinda like "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE" from X-files, even though I typically don't like word-tattoos I haven't seen every X-files episode ever, which I feel is kind of a pre-requisite, right? I guess thats why I'm pretty 'meh' about tattoos based on shows/games/movies/cartoons/etc., but as long as its not completely silly I'd be fine with it. Which leads me to Doom, who wants some kind of a video-game tattoo, and he seems to want one soon.
Will I ever decide? Stay-tuned!
Maybe after watching Doom suffer through the pain, I'll finally decide.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Babble Scrabble Dabble Yabble

So last night Doom and a couple of our friends, Chickadee and her boyfriend Orangutan. Justin bought me Hazelnut Baileys, the first alcohol I've enjoyed since being 21. I luuuuurv hazelnut... the alcohol part was nasty but oh well ;)
Then today I went to school, wrote a paper, submitted it, came home... aaaand I got hooked on painting. I just couldn't stop. Its nowhere near being finished but I'm pleased with the progress I made. When Doom came home he was feeling down cause he had a shitty day at work so we went to the movies and saw Burt Wonderstone, which was entertaining (I like Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey, I must admit). When we got home I took Titus for a jog, then started painting again. I had all kinds of intentions on doing some studying today, I really did :( Tomorrow I shall though. This post had no specific point to it really, twas just an excuse to babble while I do laundry, and submit pics of my painting so far.
I know this needs some work still

Adding progressively distant objects is HARD 0_0

Feiboo! :) I'm happy with he came out.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Doom movin' up

On Monday Doom let me know that, surprise surprise, he had an interview on Wednesday (today) for a promotion at his work! He's been trying to get this promotion for quite a while now but I think we were both a little wary about him getting it. It seemed like his managers/higher-ups were kind of tugging him around, not really committing to the possibility. They would mention it, but then it nothing would happen. So I was quite surprised that they suddenly offered him the interview, if anything we weren't expecting real talk about it until a couple months from now.
So I helped Doom whip up a resume (okay well I ended up making it for him) and sent him off looking schnazzy. He just found out that he got it, though he has to do all the training and learnin' first.
It's not like we'll be rich or anything, but we won't have to worry about starving to death if we are flung into the world soon.
I'm really proud of him-- its not like its a fun job, I mean who really enjoys fast food?! But management experience is pretty much universal and despite the fact that it's stressful, he's working hard.
Now he'll be worked like a horse which means I've gotta be supportive and understanding, as well as get my own shit together!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello old friend (me and my paintbrush)

Could it be? Munster picked up a paintbrush? Why yes, yes I did. I've had a big ol 24x30 inch canvas for about a year now and I finally decided to do something with it. It's such a daunting size however that I found myself over thinking what I wanted to paint! I finally settled on a subject: my dogs, in a natural landscape. At first I wanted to be ambitious, with mountains and streams and trees and and and... But again, its such a large canvas that I was afraid to plan out such a complex thing. So today, I buckled down, picked out a couple of refs and sketched it out, freehand, on the canvas. Of course, at some points I wanted to cry, I'm so danged clumsy with acrylics. But I left on a positive note, painting some plants in the foreground. I need to tackle this one section at a time, rather than doing 'layers' like watercolors.
Blurry pic--bleh.

Now I'm fighting the guilt I have over spending the afternoon painting rather than studying! >_< aaah, you can never win.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Please send me the secret to survival. Thanks.

How do people cope with things that life throws at them?! I feel like I keep trying to cope and relax and not be stressed, but then something else comes up! I found out recently that my dad might get a different job soon, which means my parents would move somewhere else, its not for sure or anything yet but its a possibility. And there are a lot of things that that possibility entails, such as Doom and I (and our 2 dogs) suddenly having to survive, on our own... I've never realized before how reliant I am on my parents! I'm not ready to be an adult. I can't move with them because I need to stay here and graduate, and apply for grad schools, and then save up enough to move to said grad school! And my dogs are just that, mine, not my parents, therefore they go with me, not them. Dogs are expensive, not just the food and care but also the pet fees that some places charge! And of course, most places don't even allow dogs under 25 lbs. How silly, small dogs are just as bad as big dogs!
And the sad thing is, its not even the independence that's truly frightening, its the money. I am learning money is more important that I thought! Oy...
Now, Doom and I may have one saving grace. If Doom's dad buys a house (which he's been planning on doing) we may have a chance of moving in with him, paying less rent than before, and not having to worry about the dogs being allowed. I hope that if my parents have to leave, that we will be able to do this, cause if not... *gulp*.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Don't make me resort to my lasso...

Is there a way to force optimism to surface? To coax it from the shadows? I mean, it's there, it certainly is. I feel it sometimes, the optimism, the breathless excitement. That feeling is soon overshadowed by pervasive worry, fear, and the feeling of being a turtle crossing a highway.
When did I become such a worry-wart? I used to tease my parents and grand-parents for being worry-warts. Uh oh. Is it genetic? Did I get it from my parents, who got it from there parents, and so on? Am I doomed to days of shadow, followed by moments of sunlight?
I think too damn much. I do. I've got a lot of processing capability in my brain, and instead of putting it towards something productive, I waste it on trivialities and truths that can't be known. I read too much sci-fi; I want to know the future. I want to sift through the millions of possibilities, pick one that leads to something good, and do it, knowing that things will be alright.
How are some people so care-free? The future to me is a looming storm; lightning-charged and heavy with the unknown. I can't help but look at it. Maybe others are blind to it. I need blinders.
I'm restless; I've got this annoying trait where when I think of something that needs to be done, I want to do it NOW. It is annoying to those around me, and frustrating for me. What do you mean we have a month to get this done; let's just do it now! Of course, this trait has its uses when it comes to schoolwork and applications and such, but life isn't academia, unfortunately.
I would say I need a vacation, but I don't think that would help. I need calm.
I need to say: hey, is that the optimism that I see sometimes? Lemme lasso it, put it in a jar and keep it in my pocket.