Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sorry for my lack of blogging lately!

I apologize for my long absence since my last post; I've been busy with a few things I guess. Of course, after all of my lounging about during spring break, school has picked up a bit. Also, my research lab is on the precipice of being up and running! we've got temporary tanks, our aquatics facility is clean, all we need is approval and frogs! I'm super excited to start being a scientist!
I've also been working on a diet of sorts, and to stay focused on that I've been keeping a private blog, so my fingers have been typing, just not on Bewildermunster! So far I'm 2 weeks in and things are progressing well. Obviously I love food... I love food A LOT, but it has been going better than I initially thought it would be, and now that I've been doing it for a little while it has improved a lot since the start.
Other than that, my life has been rather lame lately.
Also, fair warning, I've been having this desire to overhaul my blogs. This is a dangerous yearning, I can't promise anything will come of it, but something may.


  1. No worries, I change my blog all the time :) Also, I share similar love of food... It can be a problem sometime!

  2. What kind of diet? You should just go veggie or vegan for a few days a week, saves a ton of fat from your diet! :D

    1. Lol hey vegetarians can get just as fat as non-vegetarians! LOL I count calories, so it doesn't really matter what I eat, as long as I don' eat too much. I do tend to avoid fattier things, like fried foods, cheese, and beef, but I do eat a lot of chicken and turkey cause I do want a low-calorie protein source.