Saturday, November 9, 2013


"I'm a pretty healthy person, ya know? I've got a fortress of immunity!" I often joke about this, while knocking on some wood and laughing. This was a bad week to joke about that. I should have also knocked on wood when I proclaimed this week "Hell Week" due to having 4 exams... Yeah. Not smart.
It all feels like a blur, but it played out something like this: Monday I had 2 exams. My last exam was in the afternoon, at 2:30. I had been studying with my lab-mate Manapua beforehand, we lose track of time and end up rushing to the exam. We get there in time but when I sit down to take my exam, I notice that for some reason my throat is dry, which is strange. It made me have to cough, weak pathetic little coughs but I couldn't just not cough when my throat was dry, right?!  Well my dry throat only got worse when I got home, and then BAM turns out I'm sick! Full blown sore throat, weakness, body aches, etc. I never did have a fever though, strangely. But anyway, I missed most classes on Tuesday and Wednesday, although Thursday and Friday I had even more exams. And no, I did not improve. In fact, it is SATURDAY and I'm still sick. What the heck, body? And my voice is gross. 
Oh and did I mention I've got an ear ache?
I hope I get better soon, I ran out of nyquill and I'm tired of feeling like poop. Good night.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Whose side am I on?

I see monsters, and darkness. I know there are friends, and starlight. I feel the finite space shrinking around me, when I know I'm in an infinite world. I feel my mind betray me, my thoughts trap me, why is the world so small? 
I'm a dreamer, I feel it inside, but the dreamer's cries are stifled by an insurmountable distance. The path is lost, the way forgotten. The trail is cold and anyway I feel frozen. 
I'm a caged bird, I can't stretch my wings. There is no point, they will only cramp again. When will I see the bars are nothing, conjured phantoms of twisted metal that hold me without even the courtesy of existing? 
Lies fill my head (did I let them in?), fear chases my heart to exhaustion (can I run fast enough?), when did I start a war with myself (whose side am I on?)