Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello old friend (me and my paintbrush)

Could it be? Munster picked up a paintbrush? Why yes, yes I did. I've had a big ol 24x30 inch canvas for about a year now and I finally decided to do something with it. It's such a daunting size however that I found myself over thinking what I wanted to paint! I finally settled on a subject: my dogs, in a natural landscape. At first I wanted to be ambitious, with mountains and streams and trees and and and... But again, its such a large canvas that I was afraid to plan out such a complex thing. So today, I buckled down, picked out a couple of refs and sketched it out, freehand, on the canvas. Of course, at some points I wanted to cry, I'm so danged clumsy with acrylics. But I left on a positive note, painting some plants in the foreground. I need to tackle this one section at a time, rather than doing 'layers' like watercolors.
Blurry pic--bleh.

Now I'm fighting the guilt I have over spending the afternoon painting rather than studying! >_< aaah, you can never win.

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  1. LOL You can't. When I paint I feel guilty for not training Balf, keeping up with flickr, or blogging, or doing paperwork. Whenever I do the others I feel guilty about the rest. Lol!
    This is going to be an epic painting! It looks great already! Love that you chose to have totally shaved spoos by the way. :)