Sunday, March 17, 2013

To tattoo or not to tattoo

I'm not much of a tattoo fanatic. I currently don't have any, I'll appreciate a nice one when I see one though. I've pondered in the past about getting one, and sometimes I'm pretty certain about it, but other times I realize how indecisive I am and I just don't see myself getting one.
If I did get one, I'd always figured it would be something that I drew myself, but when I think about exactly what I want, I have too many ideas floating around in my head and realize you shouldn't try and shove all that into one permanent image. Especially if you can't even sort it out!  I like hares and jackalopes, and I don't know why. I also like stars, and space, and trees, and and and.
I also kinda like "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE" from X-files, even though I typically don't like word-tattoos I haven't seen every X-files episode ever, which I feel is kind of a pre-requisite, right? I guess thats why I'm pretty 'meh' about tattoos based on shows/games/movies/cartoons/etc., but as long as its not completely silly I'd be fine with it. Which leads me to Doom, who wants some kind of a video-game tattoo, and he seems to want one soon.
Will I ever decide? Stay-tuned!
Maybe after watching Doom suffer through the pain, I'll finally decide.

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  1. That's a tough one. Cause really only anyone you tell would know that it's the quote itself instead of the show's main theme being the reason. I'm also not a fan of word tattoos. I think they look boring and if you're getting something tattooed on your body it should be beautiful or epic. :P