Friday, August 15, 2014


Hehe... Hai.
Seems I've been missing for a bit.
Dunno how that happened. I apologize.
I'll be back... When I think of what to say. But for now I'm a woman of few words.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


"I'm a pretty healthy person, ya know? I've got a fortress of immunity!" I often joke about this, while knocking on some wood and laughing. This was a bad week to joke about that. I should have also knocked on wood when I proclaimed this week "Hell Week" due to having 4 exams... Yeah. Not smart.
It all feels like a blur, but it played out something like this: Monday I had 2 exams. My last exam was in the afternoon, at 2:30. I had been studying with my lab-mate Manapua beforehand, we lose track of time and end up rushing to the exam. We get there in time but when I sit down to take my exam, I notice that for some reason my throat is dry, which is strange. It made me have to cough, weak pathetic little coughs but I couldn't just not cough when my throat was dry, right?!  Well my dry throat only got worse when I got home, and then BAM turns out I'm sick! Full blown sore throat, weakness, body aches, etc. I never did have a fever though, strangely. But anyway, I missed most classes on Tuesday and Wednesday, although Thursday and Friday I had even more exams. And no, I did not improve. In fact, it is SATURDAY and I'm still sick. What the heck, body? And my voice is gross. 
Oh and did I mention I've got an ear ache?
I hope I get better soon, I ran out of nyquill and I'm tired of feeling like poop. Good night.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Whose side am I on?

I see monsters, and darkness. I know there are friends, and starlight. I feel the finite space shrinking around me, when I know I'm in an infinite world. I feel my mind betray me, my thoughts trap me, why is the world so small? 
I'm a dreamer, I feel it inside, but the dreamer's cries are stifled by an insurmountable distance. The path is lost, the way forgotten. The trail is cold and anyway I feel frozen. 
I'm a caged bird, I can't stretch my wings. There is no point, they will only cramp again. When will I see the bars are nothing, conjured phantoms of twisted metal that hold me without even the courtesy of existing? 
Lies fill my head (did I let them in?), fear chases my heart to exhaustion (can I run fast enough?), when did I start a war with myself (whose side am I on?)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I'm sad that I cant do anything for Halloween this year. I'm sad that I'm too busy for most things, like cooking, cleaning, breathing, reading, drawing, walking, hiking... The list goes on. Someday I'll enjoy all the holidays.. Someday. First I have to graduate!!! In the mean time, I hope you all enjoy :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nine Thousand Words

I realize I've been a woman of few words lately, so here are 9 pictures, surely worth  9000, right?

My little froglets are getting so fat! 

Male frogs being gay hehehe

I sketched a hooman!!! 

Yes, Doom got me into WoW! But we also got Dogert into it so its all good haha

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Great Hunt (Wheel of Time book 2)

I reviewed the first book of this series awhile ago. I must say, I found the second book even better (much better, in fact) than the first. It seems like the voice actors did a better job this time around. Also, story-wise the characters were much less annoying. Some were a little too predictable for my taste, and some things were repetitive (for example, characters always complaining about the same thing, or not getting over things at all really). Besides the minor character issues, I liked the story and the adventure much more in this one, after the first book it really opens up the world further.
I'm quite looking forward to the rest of the series (and there are like a bajillion more books!)
Also, a side-note: I don't really like how Ogier are drawn,because I envisioned Loial to be much different, so perhaps I'll post a more refined version of a sketch I made of what MY Ogier would look like. I mean, the wiki link above and the cover here --> show them as being just too human-like, which bugs me for some reason.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Its strange to think that I have in-laws now, and that I share a name with them. Strange, strange indeed. I don't have much in common with them, especially since its football season and I'm odd man out when it comes to that. But, hey, I suppose I'll learn to love most of them.
Doom and I went and visited his father and his father's girlfriend/domestic partner/notsurewhattocallher. Amidst the screaming at the television, I downed a giant pumpkin cider thing and ate chips and fell asleep and played a plague game on Doom's phone. Exciting, isn't it?
I wish I got sports, but I've never been a sports person. I enjoy playing sports on occasion, like playing catch with Doom, or playing horse, but yeah. My family just doesn't watch sports.
Hopefully Doom doesn't find me boring for that.