Friday, March 8, 2013

Please send me the secret to survival. Thanks.

How do people cope with things that life throws at them?! I feel like I keep trying to cope and relax and not be stressed, but then something else comes up! I found out recently that my dad might get a different job soon, which means my parents would move somewhere else, its not for sure or anything yet but its a possibility. And there are a lot of things that that possibility entails, such as Doom and I (and our 2 dogs) suddenly having to survive, on our own... I've never realized before how reliant I am on my parents! I'm not ready to be an adult. I can't move with them because I need to stay here and graduate, and apply for grad schools, and then save up enough to move to said grad school! And my dogs are just that, mine, not my parents, therefore they go with me, not them. Dogs are expensive, not just the food and care but also the pet fees that some places charge! And of course, most places don't even allow dogs under 25 lbs. How silly, small dogs are just as bad as big dogs!
And the sad thing is, its not even the independence that's truly frightening, its the money. I am learning money is more important that I thought! Oy...
Now, Doom and I may have one saving grace. If Doom's dad buys a house (which he's been planning on doing) we may have a chance of moving in with him, paying less rent than before, and not having to worry about the dogs being allowed. I hope that if my parents have to leave, that we will be able to do this, cause if not... *gulp*.


  1. I feel ya! I have been living on my own with Jared for the past year, and boy let me tell you, paying for upkeep on a house, groceries, the dog, the cats and the chickens is quite a stressor! It's crazy how you learn to handle it though, and you soon become that crazy person who cuts coupons and finds the store with the cheapest animal feed, and then stocks up on sale items. The worst is finding out how to balance all the cleaning, cooking and caretaking with homework, applications and work. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! Its inspiring to see how you've managed to do ALL that and still do well in school! Congrats! :D