Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Of snoops, treasure hunts, and much blubbering (and a ring!)

Okay wow, I've had a crazy past couple days. Monday night I had a bunch of friends over to chill, eat, drink, and watch movies. It ended up being hilarious and fun. It was all for my friend whose birthday I missed because of Feivel's ordeal, so now I am sufficiently forgiven. Then yesterday my 2 friends wanted to have a 'girls day'. I didn't know what was happening until I realized that the ring was gone and Doom hadn't come home from school on time.
Okay, so let's back up a second. Yeah, we had a ring already, it was a gift from Doom's uncle.  And yes, I'm a horrible snoop, and I usually find things out the sneaky way.
Okay, back to yesterday morning: It was a girls lunch date so I took a shower, then tried to call Doom. He didn't answer, and suddenly I was suspicious. So I checked the drawer where we kept the ring and it was gone. Then my friends showed up and surprised me with a clue/poem on a notecard. And thus began our adventure. I followed the clues to Petsmart (where Doom and I met), then to a fast food place where Doom and I first kissed (the funny part is that I hate that food place now!), then to an art store that I love to go to, then to the Springs Preserve, a kind of nature place in the city. I bitched the whole way-- I'm not gonna lie. I didn't want it to be so public and elaborate, but it wasn't that bad in the end. Of course I did cry when he asked me, I couldn't even say 'yes' so I just nodded. HAHA.
We ate at Red Lobster-- where I got a call from Blogadog!! (I laughed so much when you called-- you were like speechless, haha!)
Then we went home and chilled and watched shows and ate food and twas a good day.
Now I have to wear a ring!!! Sometime Doom and I may trade it in for a different ring that is more to my taste, but like Doom said, the ring is the least important part of all this.
But yeah. Its slowly sinking in that we're engaged. I'm happy.


  1. Congrats to you and your fiance and best wishes for you both. :) That`s great to be engaged!

  2. Congratulations!! That sounds wonderful :) I know I was blown away when Jared asked me, and also grateful that he did it in a very private way. It's absolutely bizarre for a bit to think you are someone's "fiance" and to introduce each other that way. Too funny that you somehow intuitively knew what was going on :)

  3. LOL I got on facebook and I saw the heart and I was like yeah yeah I know Gabi's engaged. Then I saw your name and I was like !!!!! and was about to get mad at you for not telling me! LOOOOOL Awww I'm happy for you. :)