Friday, June 1, 2012

The Summer Bug

Doom and I got sick this week, around the same time. We both started complaining of sore throats. Doom got much sicker than me, however, and has been feeling awful for days. Poor thing. Not much I could do for him though except buy him some soup. He even went to UMC Quick Care, but all they could tell him was that it wasn't strep throat, and it was a "virus" instead. Which is vague, but either way there wasn't anything they could do either but prescribe him some mucinex and anti-inflammatory meds. I'm amazed I recovered so quickly, I had none of the aches that he had, just a sore throat and some mucus. Guess I'm just lucky, (or my immune system kicks ass).
Here are some adorable pics of my silly dog trying to comfort my silly sick boyfriend:
Aside from our sickness, today I took my final exam for my first session summer class. AND I was upset at how difficult it was... I had a really hard time answering many of the questions. I only hope my teacher has mercy (partial points plzzz). Oh well, it is what it is. I'll find out around Monday what I got in the class!
Oh, and today is my father's birthday! Mmm, I can smell the shish kabobs cooking! And I spied a very frost-covered cake. (I love frosting... sugar is my weakness. Unfortunately!) 


  1. Maybe you're eating healthier? What a good Feifei!