Saturday, June 9, 2012

Doomless weekend

Munster's log: Okay, okay, kinda lost track of this log but that's alright. 
Yesterday I went and took my first physics exam, I was above the average so I can't complain but now I realize just how much studying I need to do. Continuing like I did last week just ain't gonna cut it. After my exam I started the first of my calendar paintings! The barn owl. Before I could finish it though I went to go see Prometheus with Chickadee. It was... well, I liked it, there were some annoying things like I just wanted to know WHY at the end, but I enjoyed watching it. The biologist in the movie was kind of derpy... I mean, if a worm-shaped alien is hissing at you, why would you want to play with it?
Anyhoo, after I got home I CRASHED, weekends tend to be my catch-up-on-sleep time.
But this morning I was able to finish my owl painting!
I'm actually pleased with the background for the most part, and the owl, (though I know the face isn't perfect, who would've guessed owl faces could be so hard to get right?) I had a lot of fun painting this one. I'm not entirely sure what my next painting will be, but I will hopefully get another one finished before this weekend is over.


  1. Stunning piece, great start to your calendar paintings :D Love the background on it especially :)

  2. You are really getting the hand of the lighting and color manipulation. Crazy! Beautiful crazy!