Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Cleaning

So I decided to clean Doom's room while he was away, and MAN is that a tough project to take on. The boy has NO organization, and his room (well the whole apartment, really) smells like man-funk. I guess that's what happens when you put 3 young guys into a small space, in the desert, in the summertime. So I did the usual, put his clothes away, organized the mountains of JUNK that he refuses to throw away, and picked up all the trash. But the thing I'm most proud of is buying him a filing box and folders and labels. He is constantly losing important papers and.. well, as an adult, that's a very bad thing I've learned. Now I think I'm gonna have to buy myself my very own filing box eventually. I feel like such an old lady, cleaning my boyfriend's room for him on my free time. >_< Oh well, it had to be done.
But it made me realize: going through someone's crap is one way to really get to know them. Of course, I really just wanted to strangle him the whole time I cleaned... Good thing he's out of the state, eh?
Before (makes me cringe)

Don't tell Doom, but that Easter basket is definitely one of the things I consider "junk", sentimental value and all.


I actually removed the sheets and took them home to wash.


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  1. Dang that looks good! And he should be very very thankful. Not sure I'd do that for my future boyfriend. :)