Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chug-chug chuggin' along

Well, I've been extremely busy all week with school and work. I do miss my free weekends filled with painting and relaxing, but hey, work is good for me (and my wallet). I can finally start saving for that day looming in the future where I move out of my house and go off to vet school. But, back to school: things seem to be going good for me in physics, (*knock on wood*) I'm quite surprised actually because Munster+Math=Baaaaaad and physics can be quite math-y. But I kinda like the logic of physics I guess, the conceptual problems aren't too bad. I'm not sure what I'll end up with in this class, if there's a decent curve at the end I might just be able to pad my GPA a little bit more! But I still have 2 exams to go. So I shouldn't get ahead of myself.
As for work... well, things have gotten better since Sunday. I worked a little bit on Wednesday, and I worked a full shift today. Its still stressful but I'm starting to get the hang of "looking busy" and I'm trying to be nice and helpful. So I didn't get bitched at today, and hopefully I won't get bitched at as long as I keep learning and improving. (Optimism!) I actually helped a doctor a little today with some dogs, and I saw my first real life dead dog... I didn't know I'd be looking at a dead dog, I was just told to grab a blue bag and then all of a sudden I was told to "bag that dog up" that had been euthanized. I hadn't done it before so I got help. Overall it wasn't too weird of an experience, I didn't get too sad, or disgusted. It was still warm. I don't know the circumstances of its euthanasia, it was probably sick.
So I don't know what I'll be doing for the rest of the evening besides showering (I smell of bleach, ick!) Maybe I'll finish a painting. ^_^


  1. Eeeek that's sooo sad. Probably the biggest reason I couldn't be a vet (euthanasia, not dead dogs in general).
    Do the puppies not get beds/blankets? You should ask... :) What a cute little basset!

    1. Yeah, they do get blankets, we give them to them at night and change them out in the morning! The small dogs in the cage-kennels get blankets all day long cause they're easier to clean. But of course the destructive dogs don't get blankets for their health and safety!