Sunday, May 27, 2012


I had a productive weekend, and a lazy weekend at the same time. How is that possible? Well, the exam I was dreading on Friday turned out to not be so awful after all. I still haven't gotten my grade back, but it was a relief to have understood how to answer most of the questions. [Gonna meander here for a second... I now realize why my friends think I'm crazy when I freak out about exams/grades! I do it almost every test and afterwards I feel silly cause it usually isn't as bad as I thought. I don't think I have test anxiety or anything but I feel like I'm getting much harder on myself as my academic career progresses!] So I felt much better about things and tried very hard to be a complete bum, lay around, relax, sleep in, nap... Sleep is such a luxury! However I was very productive with art and made three 9x12 inch watercolor paintings.
I am very jealous of all my classmates that don't have classes this summer, or who are only taking a couple classes. I might just have to plan a mini-vacation at the end of the summer, or I'll go crazy! (assuming I can afford it, *sob*)
So here are my newest paintings, which, I must point out were all intended as some much-needed landscape practice. 
Painting number one! Doom likes this one best because of all the black/dark values. I like the grass in the front.. and the sky/treeline. But the fence was so gosh darned hard to do for some reason!

Painting number 2. Seeing as I usually feel like such a n00b at shading horse faces, I'm fairly pleased with how this turned out. Though the anatomy is weird if you look close enough. I think I did better with the middle section of grass in this.

Painting number 3! (I just finished it like 10 minutes ago, bahahaha) Something a little different, I loved shading with the blue, though it shows up kinda weird and it was a challenge to figure out. It's not perfect but it was nice to paint something desert-y! Oh yes, I must confess, I couldn't draw the paws for sh** so I cheated and hid them with rocks and plants. So pathetic, huh? hahaha *note to self: practice canine anatomy!*


  1. Lovely work as usual :D Love the shading on the horse's face and your backgrounds. Lol at hiding the paws in number three ;)

  2. Beautiful! I LOVE the sky and the treeline in the first, they're absolutely wonderful...

  3. These are SO awesome! You shading is getting ridiculously good. And although I love the grasses in the first and the highlights in the second, you know which is my favorite. :D Besides the coyote though those colors look so dang pretty!