Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 2: Hanging in there

Sketch I made while I was sposed to be paying attention to physics lecture... oops.
Munster's log, Day 2: It is Doomless Day number 2, and I must point out: I am alive. I had some strange apocalyptic dreams last night, but aside from that I slept well. This physics material is confusing and makes me think... which means there is a lot of room for mistakes. But it also means that as long as I have homework and studying, I don't have much time to be missing Doom. After I finish my exam tomorrow, however.. who knows. I have a feeling that my exam tomorrow will be much harder than my math class exams that I had been taking first session. But I know I always blubber and complain about exams as if the world is ending, so I shall stop typing about it and start typing about other things.
I don't wanna jinx myself, but I think I should mention I'm planning a fun project over the next several weekends: I am hoping to make 12 watercolor paintings for a calendar. :) We'll see how it goes. I have my eyes set on some beautiful (and challenging) landscapes, as well as a jackrabbit, a barn owl (powerful, frightening creatures, I've realized!) and who knows what else.
Alrighty... I have to go study for my exam tomorrow...
Munster out!


  1. Ooh lovely rabbit sketch :) The calendar idea sounds very fun - good luck with it ^_^

  2. A CROW. And if that coyote isn't a part of it than A CANID. :D That sounds pretty awesome. I am in general trying to do more art.