Sunday, June 3, 2012

Birch Trees & Socials!

This weekend I got to do some socializing with the pre-veterinary group I'm in! Okay, only 2 members besides myself showed up, but I did drag Doom along and we got to meet some lovely people and have food and swim in a pool and play some music! Immediately after that I had a get together with my friends at Doom's apartment, and aside from some awkwardness due to the boyfriend of my friend, who I shall call "Finch". Finch's boyfriend doesn't really get along with everyone, he doesn't usually come to our get-togethers as he has an ego or something. Oh well, don't matter, things went smoothly. Doom is still sick but I feel like he's getting better, even though he's kinda hoarse still. I ran into some sinus issues yesterday, but with nasal decongestant I feel better!

 So on to art news: I finished another watercolor painting, and yes there's a human in it. I didn't use a reference so its far from perfect, and its honestly made me realize why I don't draw people often. HAHA I'm just not a fan of drawing humans. But the birch trees were fun! Makes me want to give it another shot soon.
But alas, my carefree ways must end tomorrow! Physics 1 is starting up, I'm nervous/scared, but I'm trying to be brave.

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  1. Funny I got a three day cold virus around the date you posted this. :P What are they staring at? Also funny, you do hair so well even though you hate people, remind you of a certain animal you're fond of drawing/painting? :)