Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Art Card Tradin'

The fall semester has started! I'm taking biochem 1, cell physiology, genetics and a weird history class. I love the science ones so far... we shall see how the other one goes!
Since I'll be busy and won't have much time for art, lemme just throw at you something I did a couple weeks ago!
I had my first ever art trade with someone on deviantart. (blogadog, you don't count! haha)
heres my part of the trade (we traded ATCs):
and here is hers, proudly pinned up on my art board:
Why yes, that is my dear Umut! Being all magical like always.


  1. That is very cool :D Great idea. Love your owl ^_^

  2. You're cheating on me?? ;P
    That's awesome! I love how you did the owl's markings! And gasp you got someone from DA to respond more than "thank you" to you? ;)