Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fei & Doom: A Love Story

Fei is my youngest dog and I love him to death, however, I've had to come to the realization that Feivel doesn't love me nearly as much as he loves Doom. Feivel's acceptance and friendship with Doom is actually partly what made me realize Doom was such a great guy because Fei tends to be skittish of strangers and men. Nowadays, when Doom is around I am an after thought to Fei. Oh, he still listens to me, but you should see the adoration in his big puppy eyes when he sees Doom! Rather than being heart-broken over this apparent 'betrayal', I am happy for the two of them. They are absolutely adorable together, and I love the both of them to bits and pieces. And to prove that they are in love, I must tell you a little story:
He is a poodle, a water dog, however, he doesn't' really love the water like poodles are really supposed to. He can swim, but he's not an excellent swimmer and he rarely goes in for anyone. The other day, I went swimming with Doom and Fei proved his love:
Doom is the only person to get him to do this! I think its great.
Here are some more pictures of their love affair over the past couple years:

Ti, on the other hand, is still my grouchy overly-attached old man. Hehe.


  1. Aww bless him! Such a beautiful dog and I love that video :)

  2. Awww good boy Feivel! Poor boy is so nervous. I wonder if it's because there's no slope, it's just steps. Mia could totally make him like water. :D You should get him a doggie life jacket, that might make him more comfortable while he's still learning!
    Do you use a dog safe pool chemical as opposed to chlorine?

    1. He is very nervous, but its probably because I am/was a horrible puppy trainer! Remember I got him before you became dog-trainer expert haha. So now he associates the pool with being forced to swim (oops!) and plus he's not a great natural swimmer like Titus. Which is why I'm amazed that Feivel will go right in for Justin and no one else. But you're right, a life jacket would help.
      We use chlorine, but since our pool isn't heavily used like a public pool we don't use a lot of it.