Friday, September 7, 2012

Where there's family...

This week has been one of the busiest/craziest/most stressful weeks of my life. Worse than finals week. I can handle school, I realize. School is my neighborhood, I know the ins and outs. I'm comfortable with that. Everything else in life seems to throw me off though! We had family over this whole week, my cousin, her husband and their kids, along with my aunt.
Now, I have never been a kid person. Not even a little. As the youngest child in my family, I can say that I RARELY encountered children growing up, therefore I don't know how to handle them. Having 3 children in my house ages 3 and under was a learning experience. First of all, they didn't know how to behave around my dogs and my dogs didn't know what the heck they were! First, Fei was terrified of them (he gave a loud "back off" bark from behind the gate) because they SCREAM at the dogs and run around like crazy. Ti just tried to tackle/growl/herd/wrestle them. All of these reactions are obviously unacceptable so they had to be separated the whole stay, which in itself is a chore. Then, there's the fact that our house may be puppy-proof but it sure isn't child-proof. They got into everything and only really listened to my mom.

But I don't want to make this visit sound horrible because it really wasn't! I had a great time with them, the kids liked me and they LOVED Doom. I also got to try some things I hadn't done before, like visit some places I've never been and riding in a helicopter, zip lining and experiencing my town like I hadn't really before.

So, all in all I had fun but I'm glad this week is just about over! I need to work on settling into this semester, as well as preparing for the future!
Where there's family, there's food!
Helicopter ride!

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  1. The children sound horrifying... Dang the dogs live there that's not fair! The zip lining is fun though, glad you got to do that.