Monday, August 13, 2012

Bye bye wisdom teeth, hello pain meds!

I got my wisdom teeth removed today. The office I went to was nice, the staff was kind and my doctor was very nice and was optimistic about the procedure. It was a really quick surgery, one minute I was chilling with the IV, next thing I know I was awake! Strangest thing though, I did wake up sobbing and I don't know why. It was really weird. I wasn't sad or anything I just had tears streaming down my face and I was crying. I'm not sure if the staff was just being nice but they said it was a reaction to the anesthetic. I still felt silly though. But Doom came in and I laughed and he took me home. My face is still numb but I'm not in too much pain thanks to the pain meds, which thankfully have not had any crappy side-effects like nausea, which I was worried about. When Doom had his wisdom teeth taken out awhile back he got sick. *knock on wood* I hope I keep feeling alright!
Other than not being able to eat (I'm craving a burger, dangit!) I'm STILL grateful that I can sleep as much as I want and watch movies and shows with Doom and play with my doggies and relax.
Expect some art over the next couple weeks, cause its my short little break til fall!

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  1. YAY arts! You're really on the art ball lately! So it was a surgery? That sounds pretty painless. I've heard of that (crying) happening before actually, she was probably not just being nice. :P