Friday, December 28, 2012

Electricity pouring through me

Yeah, I went ahead and dove right into my acrylic paints again... Seems I'm bent on giving myself a headache! Large areas of blended colors are nearly impossible to create with acrylics, unlike watercolors! I still couldn't get the sky to look quite right, but oh well. I am pleased with the basic composition of my newest painting, though the details are lacking in some places. I might go back and work on it more later, but for now I shall consider it FINISHED.
Crappy quality picture, it's too big too fit in the scanner. :( 11x14in.
WIP pics:

close up!

Other than painting, I'm in a weird mood lately. Introverted sometimes, other times I enjoy time with my family. I love the holidays, and I blame the nonstop pace of the semester for making it so hard for me to adjust!

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  1. Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes I liked being with my more extended family sometimes I just wanted to leave.
    This is neat!