Friday, December 21, 2012

Pistachios & Ponies

Sarai's kitty
Yesterday we went and visited my friend Sarai again in the afternoon! Doom stayed at their house and played games with her husband and then she was kind enough to take me for a trail ride on her pony, Nysa and she rode her pony Holi (which I hadn't met before until this trip). I am soooo sore, and we only walked! I am rusty! But its been years since I've been on a horse pony. I wasn't expecting it at all but I had a great time.
After that we delved into their seemingly endless collection of boardgames and played rounds of Tsuro, King of Tokyo (I actually won one round!), and Munchkins (again!).
OH, and I must mention pizza for dinner. I WAS SPOSED TO BE PIZZA'D OUT! But I lost a bet with Justin (I failed at directions, haha) and since pizza is convenient we got some. It was good though! The good thing about pizza here is that all the pizza places aren't chains! I get sick of Pizza Hut and Dominos (uggh).
Relaxing at Grandpa's house
After we got home we knocked out and this morning I went with my grandpa to pick up lobsters for dinner tonight (Justin couldn't believe they were alive when he saw them *amused*). Then around noon we all went and dropped my grandma off for her hair appointment, went grocery shopping, picked up whoopie pies, then went out for icecream at Shaker Pond Ice Cream. It is dericious, I had pistachio flavor and oooohhmyyygooodness it is addicting.
I am sad we're leaving tomorrow :(

Grandpa's awesome stained glass window

Doom relaxing


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  1. The poor lobsters. :( That kitty is so gorgeous!