Sunday, December 16, 2012

Boppin' around town

The past few days of my vacation have been lovely. Yesterday, we visited my friend Sarai who visits this blog on occasion ("Hi!"). It was fun and Doom bought a game and we bought books and shirts that were on sale. (Buy 1 get 3 free, whaaa?) Then today Justin and I bopped around town, first we went to the mall, I got a sweater I liked, then we went to Planet Dog and I got some things for my pups, and then we drove into downtown and visited art stores and ended up buying a painting! It was fun. In the morning when we set out it started snowing and continued through the day, so buy the time we returned there was a decent dusting! We went into the woods but couldn't stay long as it was getting cold.
Here are more pics:


  1. Looks a nice place, cold, but nice :D
    Buy one get 3 free? I want, that's a bargain xD!!!

  2. THREE for one? Dang! And I wanna see said painting!