Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mojo (Warning: Boobs)

Guess I've got my mojo back for now! And who would've guessed it would be acrylics that did it?! I spent today painting this little guy:
I was excited when I realized it was the right size to be scanned! Which is fantastic because all I could get was glare or miscoloration when I tried to get a picture of it.
Here are the work in progress pics:

 I am indeed loving this new art setup my dad got me... even though I was a skeptic at first.
Now, as far as the painting I 'ruined', maybe I didn't ruin it but its certainly not what I intended to create. It is definitely different from what I normally create though so I'll share:
"And I've turned into this smiling, snarling monster, As I watch the walls descend, As I watch the walls descend like stars." Rocket Collecting, Milla Jovovich
Looks like I need some practice with watercolors!


  1. Ugh I know what you mean. I finally got somewhat decent with acrylics and now I can't do watercolor! You need a mature tag on that missy! Not that I disapprove don't get me wrong! I think it would look better if there was more tying it together. The head looked more realistic or more fake, her with red backlighting? You did the boobs really well though! Lol And DANG that pony is amazing! You do the lighting so beautifully. You have a totally different process than I. If I have a process, I typically just start on whatever color I have ready. :P

  2. That pony looks great! Super impressed by your work. The mountains are just stunning.