Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bye bye Maine, hello home

Twas a messy affair
The night before we left we had a feast of lobster! Doom was a little put-off by them, they were very rich and it was an unusual flavor/texture for my steak-n-potatoes boy, but I don't think he had too much of an unpleasant experience. I loooved it, though they were so rich that it made me a little sick that night. The next day we flew home, and after 10+ hours in the air, I was ready to be home. There was quite a bit of turbulence while we were in New England, and I was actually scared! Its been awhile since I've experienced that.
Now I'm home, I missed my doggies incredibly. And as soon as I get home I found out that both of them have some kind of weird skin rash/irritation on some of their paws which I'm pretty convinced is from my dad and brother taking them hiking. I have to clean them and put some ointment on and Fei has to wear a conehead. (sigh) I worked all day Sunday (it was a crappy day because we had to stay an extra hour -_-) and yesterday I went kinda nuts and started cleaning my room, basically GUTTING it. I threw SO much crap away. It felt good, but some stuff I can't do anything about because Doom and I won't get our second room until my brother and his girlfriend leave.
Being home feels good, though I do miss Maine.
Merry Christmas, Blogger!

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  1. Your second room? I need to go through my stuff...