Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby, it's Maine outside!

So finals are over, they were the most intense finals I've ever studied for. If it hadn't been for work (taking up almost ALL of my Saturday and Sunday prior) I feel like I would have fared better. However, I did end up with a B in genetics (I wasn't upset cause I thought it was gonna be a C!) an A- in Cell Physiology (I was miffed about the -, this class was tough and I studied my arse off) and I don't know about my other classes yet.
But, let me instead tell you about more interesting things: Doom and I arrived in glorious New England, and it is beautiful. No snow, but I am still in love!
So far we went and explored the woods, and went and saw The Hobbit (as a lover of the book... I was dissapointed. I loved some things, hated others.)
Enjoy the pics so far:

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  1. Uh oh now I'm worried to see it! Oh such pretty pictures... Especially the last. Good for the grades!