Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rain chased the snow away...

That's right, it rained all day yesterday and this morning, but thankfully it quit! It melted all the snow away which was a bummer, but I am SO glad I went on my solo trek while I did! Otherwise no pretty pictures for me!
We drove around town with my grandpa and he showed us Portland, but like I said it was drizzling the whole time so we stayed in the car. I was tired all that day so I went to bed pretty early.
Today, however, Doom and I decided to go into town and do some shopping. I had fun, and he even found a movie he loves for cheap! It's called Lord of War, and I even liked it. It is one of his favorite movies and he hadn't been able to find it for a looong time. And of course, we find it when we're not looking for it. We also enjoyed a lunch at a sandwich shop together. Doom is more fond of sandwiches than I am, but I still enjoy going out to eat with him.
So, for our haul, we got a hubble space themed calendar for "our" room (I wanted ponies or owls or something but he didn't so we settled on that!) and I found a cute maneki-neko porcelain necklace (I spend way too much money on jewelry-- I need to stop.) OH and how could I forget? We chanced upon a really neat dog supply store and I got some fun things. (The dogs are gonna looooove me when I come home!)
I absolutely adore Maine... <3
Squirrel-watching in the backyard

Drove by the old port, got to see the boat lights in the fog.

nom nom

Even the sidewalks here are pretty


  1. You should delete the spammer above. ^
    That sandwich looks yummy except for the sneaky meatlike appearance towards the bottom! ;P What kind of doggy supplies!