Saturday, May 4, 2013

Who am I to disagree?

Drawings from my dream journal. I made a post awhile ago about some previous drawings, too.

I had a sister! That turned into a wolf pup. -_-'

In my dream, this was a very menacing massive storm approaching from the open ocean.

A tiger getting his teeth cleaned underwater. O_o

He may look like Ganesha, but he was not a nice God. He was dark, and evil, and scary, and he lived in underground caves and controlled everybody. Also he had the head of an African elephant, not an Asian elephant.


  1. Hahaha you have such draw-able dreams! I should start doing a dream sketchbook though that would be fun. Mine are usually really realistic except for stuff. Like I had a birthday party and my grandma got me hangers and we were living in Italy. That's not very easy to draw. I also have a lot of dreams centered around people and I'm horrible at drawing people!!

    1. Haha I do tend to have some very strange dreams with strong imagery, but not all of them are easy to draw! Once you start writing them down you'd be surprised how many things you can draw from them!