Friday, May 17, 2013

A look back and a look forward

I don't have all my grades back yet for this semester, but that's okay. I can still look back and say that I've had a good semester! I do know that I got an A in animal physiology. It was a great class and I really enjoyed it! I feel like I learned alot! We talked about ectothermy, endothermy, homeostasis, temperature, hypoxia, metabolism scaling, endocrinology, muscles, nervous systems, neurons (blech! action potentials were hard! haha), circulation, ion and water balance, locomotion, and respiration. Speaking of locomotion, in class he showed us this video of "Big dog" a robot that imitates biology! Its really creepy. Watch it. You'll laugh, and feel creeped out at the same time.
Biochemistry II was a great class as well, I've never been a huge fan of chemistry; I found general chemistry boring and organic chemistry was, of course, torture. But biochemistry is a different beast! You take all the knowledge you gained from gen chem and ochem and apply it to stuff thats actually interesting! :D My favorite parts were learning about how our bodies metabolize glycogen, fatty acids, proteins, and how we synthesize various compounds. I learned that our bodies can't convert fats into glucose, and that during exercise, it takes hours before you start using aerobic metabolism (i.e. burning fats). -_-' Our bodies are strange things. As someone on a diet, I of course would love to go outside and burn some fat, but it doesn't really work that way!
My other two classes were generals so I'm not as enthusiastic about them. haha
This summer is gonna be a busy one! At the end of June I take my general GRE exam (uuughh more exams?! but its necessary...) and at the end of July I get married (EEK!) and sometime at the end of the summer I'm supposed to present the research project that I will be doing all summer. I'm also going to start doing more research about what schools I want to apply to in the fall as well.
I'm nervous about the future, as always, but I'm also excited.
BUT of course, before I can do any of that big stuff, I gotta clean my rooms!


  1. LOL That actually provoked philosophical questions regarding moral implications of being able to abuse mechanical representations of dogs. Hahaha cool machine though!
    And also LOL priorities, a clean room. :)

  2. congrats on the pending nuptials!