Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sketches from the past! Part I

"Everybody had that childhood friend that drew horses" Well, I didn't, because I WAS that friend.
From my previous post, Tchotchkes, I said that I was cleaning my room and decided to share some trinkets and baubles. Well, I also ran into a bunch of OLD OLD sketches and drawings, which I didn't necessarily want to keep but I also didn't want to toss away without some kind of record... So I thought 'why not take pics and sketch dump my blog' before throwing the tons of old sketchbooks away. So here it is, old doodles that have outlived their purpose:
Something  I saw in a dream

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  1. Oooh pretty! IS THAT SPOCK? <3 I love the fluffy puppy with the standing tiny puppy too. Love eet!
    I do that too. Don't want to throw them away but don't want the pieces of paper piling up.