Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Dove Family

This morning when I went to check on the dove family, I saw that one of the babies was missing. I'm pretty sure it was the smaller-injured one, which is sad. My mom said it might have flown away, but it probably got eaten by a cat or something. ;_;
The remaining baby looks great though, and won't let me get as close, a good sign. ;)
Momma and daddy are doing good jobs it seems, they gave me quite a display today when I got too close to them, pretending to have broken wings to lure me


  1. Haha silly doves. Sad about the baby, though that isn't uncommon for nests that haven't been destroyed. I'm really surprised and happy leaving it worked. I tried that a couple times and the momma would watch for a couple hours then leave.

  2. chicks and ducklings are so very vulnerable - it's amazing any reach adulthood!