Monday, May 20, 2013

DIY Wedding Invitations

The supplies: shimmery aqua-colored scrapbook paper, cream cardstock paper, little fabric flowers in shades of aqua, bird stamp, gold stamp ink, glue stick, liquid glue, pattern paper cutter, pattern scissors. Additional resources: fonts! :D  
Cost: Approx. $50! But a lot of what I bought turned out to be more than we needed so you could easily go under $50. 

First we stamped the cream paper with golden birdies, then we sent it through the printer with the text repeated 4x per page 
The final result! Now, I must say, the pattern paper cutter thing was very difficult to use at first, it took  me a long time to get used to using it. There is a lot of variation in my invitations! The sizes vary, the pattern varies (in many of them we only paper-cut the vertical sides, instead of all 4 sides) and the amount of flowers varies too. 


  1. Wow they look so fancy! Haha dang isn't that going to take a long time?

    1. It did take basically ALL day long! LOL