Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why I'm a Bum & Other Pics of Doggies

I wish I had more interesting things to blog about, but my life is pretty lame right now. I need to learn some stress management, maybe do some yoga, take a walk in the woods... oh wait, its a desert out there. -_-'
Anyway, enough about my saltiness.
This was a good week, I got an A on my first biochem 2 exam, which made me quite happy. I also got an A on my history/geography test, and an A on my other history paper. So atleast I can justify my bumminess and non-workyness with my grades. :) I've also completed one application for a summer research scholarship, just waiting on my professors approval to submit it!
I've got an animal physiology exam on monday, which is also my birthday. Yay for turning 21! My friends will probably make me drink, but I don't like alcohol much so I'm mostly looking forward to the SUSHI!
I'm always in some kind of mini-freak-out-mode, and this week, its the whole "when do I wanna graduate/when do I wanna apply to grad schools" thing, and it honestly all depends on if I can complete all the classes I need by next spring or not. I need to meet with science advising and honors advising, and until then I don't know if I'm gonna go ahead and take my GRE exams. I hate being uncertain...
If I'm stressing you out by being stressed out, here are some cute pics of my doggies to calm all of us down ;)

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  1. Ugh I'm stressed out about being stressed out too. What cute pictures! The last one makes me want to cuddle with Balf. Also, Alcohol is disgusting.