Friday, February 15, 2013

The door's wide open

I can't say for certain yet, but I'm pretty sure at this point that I want to pursue a masters in biology, instead of going to vet school. There are many reasons behind it, mostly concerning what kind of life I want to have, and my interests. I guess, after working at the animal hospital, I could see that small animal isn't for me. And considering small animal medicine is like 80% of the profession, I didn't want to risk being 'stuck' doing something I didn't enjoy, especially after 8+ years of education and an accumulation of ~$140,000  worth of debt. Doom and I aren't overly ambitious with our lives, we both just want somewhere that we can live (with trees, and seasons, and for Doom: internet) and maybe have a kid (waaaay down the road, lol).
I still love biology, and animals, and I know I can have that and more without a DVM. I think I'll enjoy research, the idea of being in a laboratory appeals to me.
So... there it is. I don't know where my sudden decisiveness came from, but I've been pondering the question, on the fence, unsure. I feel better about my future now, even if nothing's certain yet.
I may apply this winter for admission to the fall of 2014, I may not. We'll see. The door's wide open.

I wrote about being unsure previously, with links to articles here.


  1. Step 1: Figure out what you want as a career. Step 2: Do it. Haha That's my advice to you.
    And.... OR WA and MT have trees....