Sunday, February 24, 2013

Commentary on "High Debt and Falling Demand Trap New Vets"

A fellow blogger (Claws Paws and Scales) just posted this article, titled High Debt and Falling Demand Trap New Vets.
“I have said it over and over to myself and friends, ‘This is as close to predatory lending as anything I’ve ever seen,’ ” Dr. Wilson continues. “The only reason it’s not a high-profile crime in 2013 is because income-based repayment and pay as you earn have postponed the reality and pain for 20 to 30 years.”
What Dr. Wilson learned long ago is that it is hard to talk anyone out of vet school. Many students, like Dr. Schafer, set their hearts on the job at an early age. If you are doing what you have always wanted, and you find it fulfilling, the numbers don’t seem relevant. At least initially.
“It comes down to this,” Dr. Schafer says. “Is there anything else I’d be happy doing? No. Is there any way around paying off the loans? No. So, what the heck? A lot of it is just trying to put it out of your mind and maybe it’ll disappear.”
Aaaah, so why was Bewildermunster able to change her mind about going to vet school? Well. I have many loves, and veterinary medicine was not the only thing. I love nature, animals (not just domestic ones!), art, traveling, science, and my family. And yes, I love Doom. If I were to go to vet school, not only would I be trapping myself into lifelong debt, but I would be trapping Doom and any children I choose to have as well. Personally, I can't do it.  It frightened me. And I have to think down to the 'bear necessities' and realize what I want in my life. I would NEVER do anything just for a title. I wouldn't ever endanger my family just to be called 'doctor'. I want to be happy, I want to have a home, and some animals, and maybe a kid. I want to travel, I want to work with my hands, and preferably I'd like to do something science related. Can I do all these things without going to vet school? Yes, and I feel like I'm more likely to do them.
I wouldn't criticize anyone else who is or has chosen to go to vet school, but I do feel like the profession needs to be better informed. I'm glad I did my research. Cause the statistics on the BLS website aren't necessarily true, and the idea that there is a shortage of veterinarians is a lie. What we are in a shortage of is clients seeking veterinary services. But you can't force a client to pay.
I am more at peace with my decision now. In another time, another economy, sure, I may have become "Dr. Bewildermunster, DVM", but not today. And that's okay. I just want happiness, and a life full of love and beautiful experiences.

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  1. Veterinary schools are so bad right now anyways. Sure they're hard, but hard does equal quality. With big brand foods running the nutrition courses and nontraditional treatments barely even discussed (like tubal ligations and vasectomies) you not only have to complete vet school but do a lot on your own to get a full education. The profession needs a big change starting with the schools. Must say I am slightly disappointed but also slightly relieved you aren't going to vet school. :)