Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bite the head off first, my love.

I don't know why, but I woke up today, still tired, I ate breakfast and lunch and then knocked out for a couple hours! I woke up, still tired AGAIN, wandered into the kitchen, and SURPRISE! I saw a package waiting for me. :) My dear friend Blogadog had sent me a package! Cheered me right up, and after half a cup of super bitter nasty coffee, I was awake enough to take pics! <3
The cutest doggie chew sticks I ever did see! The dogs loved them! Titus chewed his nice and slow, and Feivel chewed his relatively slow for once, haha.

Sea weed! Should be interesting!

These things are amazing.

ATC! Yaaay!

I'm gonna smell like the wildest ginger sensual plum EVER. :D

OMG I love these so much. Doggie christmas jammies! I don't care what month it is, hahah.

And of course CHOCOLATE. We feed into each others chocolate addictions, don't we, blogadog? ;) Don't worry, I was humane and ate him head first.
In addition to this I got my dad to give me one of my presents early as I already knew what it was! My old kindle (a kindle keyboard) died, I was quite sad about it. I had loved that thing for ~3 years! I even called amazons tech support but no luck. Soooooo my dad was nice and bought me a new one, and I love it! Its the kindle paperwhite, and its got a built in light which is really nice. I can't listen to audiobooks on this one but I guess I can do that on my phone.
Now I must stop this napping nonsense and get back to studying! I have an exam tomorrow that I would hate to muck up.

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  1. Eeeeep! I'm so happy you got it! I totally forgot to send the dogs' other present so that will have to be in the next package if Balfour doesn't steal and eat that too. :P
    The first little chews are Halo brand in case you were wondering. :)
    Hahaha I know I saw the jammies and I was like AHHHHH MUST BUY FOR JESSICA. Hahaha not a second thought. Isn't the bull terrier just to die for?