Monday, February 25, 2013

Uncreative drugs

I woke up today and I was 21 years old. :) How exciting, lol. I had an exam today so the most exciting parts of my day was free lunch thanks to my friends and some presents, including a silly little notebook that I shall doodle in and upload pages of, and gift cards cause I can always use those.
Yesterday night my dad and I set up my easel which was my gift from my parents, I'm excited!
delicious strawberry cake, made from scratch thanks to my dad! He might suck at decorating but it tasted nummy.

Hehe, I had to use Fei for a size comparison. :)
I have not consumed alcohol today. I am a lame-o. But as one of my bio-friends said (and I'm paraphrasing), "ethanol is such a boring drug. 2 carbons and an alcohol group? Get more creative people." Of course, its true. Compared to the beautiful ring structure of LSD, heroin, and cocaine which at least has a chair conformation in it, ethanol is boring. But enough of that chemistry nonsense, don't do drugs kids.


  1. LOL I appreciate this. Happy birthday :)

  2. Wow that does look yummy! And what an awesome easel, could be right off the sims! Lol! Happy bday!