Saturday, July 7, 2012


So I'm disappointed with my self... I got a B in physics 1. I know, I know, many people would be jumping for joy at this but I honestly thought I did better than that. I do get that "are you kidding me?" look a lot when I talk about grades, but I am GROOMED for this. Vet schools are competitive, and have forced me to be a bit of a 'grade-grubber'. Trust me, I wasn't like this in high school. So now I have to look back and see what I've been doing and what I can change. I'd like to think I'm little-miss-perfect-student, however, I can look back at the past 5 weeks though and say that I did NOT put in my 100%. Sure, I woke up early and studied, but I know I'd get distracted and not pay attention. I started to slack off, especially in the afternoons. I really should be covering the material at least twice before a test, but instead I'd just try to sweep over it quickly. I need to stop looking at everyone else, I need to start looking at myself and what I need to be doing. So what's so bad about a B? Aside from the fact that my teacher made it sound like I'd get a B+ atleast (way to get my hopes up, dude) a B doesn't help my GPA, because a B is just a 3.0, and I need to start creeping higher towards the 3.5 range if I want to be competitive. So this is a mini-rant. If you don't see me much in the next 5 weeks, be glad for me, because hopefully I'll be studying instead of derping around, watching my potential blow away in the hot, desert wind.

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  1. Hahaha silly head. You'll do better, you always manage to!