Friday, July 6, 2012

Badlands and the end of Physics 1!

Aaaah, what to say, what to say? Well, the rest of my 4th of July was disappointing because my dog chewed up my paycheck! But I shall refrain from ranting because it ended up being alright in the end and I was able to get it deposited. But now for the school news: I am finished with part 1 of physics! I don't know my grade yet, I'm on the border line so I have to wait til grades are posted to be sure. I'm ready for physics part 2, hopefully I will be able to pull myself ahead and not be on the borderline. Wish me luck!
Random news: money is tight right now for me and Doom, although I don't have bills to pay we both make an effort to save up for my veterinary school coming up soon/eventually (Doom is very sweet and supportive and I love him for it!) however our savings have diminished because of Doom's bills and other financial issues lately. *sigh* growing up is hard and I definitely appreciate being able to live with my parents... Hopefully Doom can start his new job soon and we can get back on our feet!
Aaaaand finally, I finished another calendar painting, a bison. :) I have a spot in my heart for the midwest, so I enjoyed this painting, although the background is vexing me right now. Not sure If I'll go back a 3rd time and try to fix it, but here it is as of now:
Now I'm gonna act like a "grandma"(as my friends like to say) and go to bed now. I don't care that it's 8pm, I'm tired, dammit!
Also: Yay for my friend Blogadog on her big move to another state all on her own! I'm so proud of her.

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  1. Yaaaay! And awww thanks! Was so scary but not so much now that I'm here. Ah, I miss the badlands. I wish I had stopped there on the way down.