Friday, July 13, 2012

Roaring Lights

Presenting painting #5 of my calendar series. The rhino was harder to shade than I had anticipated, but the background went well until I used some shitty white acrylic paint that needs to be tossed because it is clumpy as hell. Ah well, trial & error, that's the way of life! So, here's the running tally on my project so far:
  1. Barn Owl & forest (complete!)
  2. Crow & forest (complete!)
  3. Foxes & wintery forest (complete!)
  4. Bison & Badlands (complete!)
  5. Rhino & Thunderstorm (complete!)
  6. Hare & Desert
Now, I can't guarantee that I'll finish 12 paintings in time, so I might have to reuse a couple pre-calendar watercolors that I made, however, the concepts for the rest of them are as follows: 
  • Pangolin? Clouded leopard? Snow Leopard? Guanaco? Tapir? Panda? Bat? Kudu? Rat?(depends on if I find a decent ref + setting) I definitely want to do a night-time/starry scene, but now sure with which animal yet.
Well, I shall keep on with this project, but I must say things aren't going too well for me on the physics front. Let's just say I need to re-evaluate my study habits or I'll get stuck in the same rut as last term.


  1. Heeey you need to do a canid remember? I'm looking forward to the pangolin for sure! Those things are so flipping cool!