Saturday, July 28, 2012


Okay.... so, this should be the end of my venting for awhile (hopefully). So what has been going on in Munster's world? Well, I don't quite know why but I've been the most exhausted person as of late. It started sometime last week, and then I got yelled at (in quite an upsetting and unprofessional manner) at work by a doctor, which made me feel like a big pile of shit almost all week. I'm not a person that needs to be yelled at to get the point across, I'm very self-correcting so it really affected me more than it should have. And I was never apologized to. On top of that, I haven't been able to see Doom much, and life in general has just been blech. When I came back to work yesterday things were kinda shitty still, and then they were shitty all day today until the head-tech talked to me and my coworker about the 'incident'(aka trouble) last week which ended up making me feel 100% better. I was able to get almost everything off my chest (I had a headache and was feeling emotional so I tried to cut things short so I didn't cry or just lost my cool in general). Basically the head-tech let me know in her tough-love kind of way that she and the head-doctor are the only ones that matter and we let her know our side of the story. So I've learned some things about the veterinary profession, which is good because that IS the point of a pre-veterinary student working in an animal hospital, eh?
One big thing that I learned is this: Doctors and other employees are not always nice or professional. Keep your head down and move on. (also, I will never treat anyone, especially when I become a doctor, the way I was treated that day. I've also learned that perhaps small-animal medicine isn't for me, and its a good thing there are many options in the veterinary world! 
Outside of work, school has been frustrating me, I understand physics a lot more than other people but I can't seem to break out of the B range. Whoa is me. Tomorrow is another day. I'm tired of ranting now, I'm gonna go relax and eat dinner and cuddle with my doggies.

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  1. Oh I totally know what you mean. After working for certain people I know exactly what NOT to do and have sworn to be the best boss I can be. And frankly, I think I could be a super awesome boss. As long as no one hurts or intimidates (on purpose) the animals everything can be talked through reasonably.
    I hate it when people yell. Seriously I am uber sensitive. HATE yelling.