Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finally finals

Finals are now over. Studying for them was a nightmare for some reason, I felt as if I wasn't a very productive studier this semester. Overall, I'm kicking myself because while in some ways I did better this semester, I still have a LOT of work to do to make myself a better student and to reach  my full potential. I know if I can remain focused this summer, not only will I survive physics, but I will really cement in some good study habits. My fall schedule looks promising though, full of science classes.
We shall see the grades of all my classes soon, hopefully I don't have to retake any (I'm lookin' at you, organic chemistry!) And hopefully I don't cry when I see them, haha.
So, this weekend I don't have anything to do except relax, catch up on sleep, and, OH yeah, did I mention I have an interview? I'll mention more later. I don't wanna jinx myself now!
I guess now it is officially my summer! My, how time flies.


  1. Ooh good luck with your interview :D

  2. Neat photos. Science is such a love hate subject.