Saturday, April 27, 2013

One girl's mountain is another doc's molehill

So this morning I found a lump on Titus' under his neck skin. I felt it, then fretted. I worried all day long. What a strange place for a lump-- and my mind raced through all kinds of horrible possibilities. It kept me down all day long, and I had to wait for my mom to come home to take him to the vet because I don't have a debit card right now (my bank was supposed to have sent me one by now). We got there, 20 minutes before they closed, and I realized I was being "that" dog owner. I know I'm kinda crazy, and I'm especially crazy about my dogs, but I knew it would be a quick visit (and what kind of vet office closes at 5 on a Saturday? Honestly!) We showed up, but the staff there is really nice (and they're probably used to seeing me by now after Feivel's escapades), and the doc was really nice too. She felt it, and her reaction was "oh wow it is small" which is funny, cause when I felt it I thought, "geez this thing is big, how did I not notice it earlier?!" Well she checked him out, and complimented him on his size and weight and teeth. She's a really funny doctor, she looks really young and she's always really chatty and she always compliments my dogs, which I certainly don't mind, haha. I think she talks so much and is so energetic just in case anyone gets emotional, she's constantly trying to adapt to the situation, which must've been hard for her because my mom were on opposite sides of the emotional spectrum for this visit.
She gave us our options, it could be a cyst or a tumor, and if it was a tumor it could be benign or it could be cancer. She said it was really small and she wasn't sure if doing a cytology would be successful, but I thought that was the best route and after she got it she said that's what she would have done if it was her dog. We should find out in the next few days. Hopefully its nothing. But I don't really regret being a crazy dog mom, "I'd rather be safe than sorry" and all that nonsense.

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  1. I'm sure vets are so used to owners that don't notice any changes in their dogs at all. I had this dude come in who gets his dog groomed with us every time (I would say regularly but the intervals are longer than they should be) and they're always TOTALLY INFESTED with fleas. I always tell the guy and he's always really surprised and everything. Which is especially stupid cause his dogs are light colored. It's so frustrating. Anyways my point is a lot of owners don't really care so it's the professionals that find out before them. I felt the same way about Balfour though, I notice every bug bite, every splinter, every fur tangle. When his ear got infected the vet said it really wasn't as bad as I made it seem on the phone but to me it was HORRIFYING because his baseline health is so good. But in the long run we will have healthier dogs by being proactive. :)