Monday, April 22, 2013

The Golden Goat Strikes Again!

That's right-- Feivel, whom I shall now call the Golden Goat, decided yesterday that he really misses being induced to vomit, so he munched on some omega-3-fatty acid supplements.
I wasn't home when it happened, I had left to go to a pot luck/picnic thing for a friend's work. My mom called me and told me, and after much cursing and swearing and panic I left the picnic and headed to the hospital (not our usual hospital cause it was after hours). She was there with Feivel when I arrived, already in a room. Feivel was acting happy/normal/excited like always. It took awhile for us to get seen but the doctor was less concerned about these kinds of pills than last time-- the main concern was if he ate enough of them he could get pancreatitis. So we went ahead with the induce vomit/fluids/charcoal route and left him there overnight.
It was a stressful ordeal, not being home when it happened, but I'm glad my mom had the sense to take him to the hospital. He's fine now, though he looks stressed (unsurprisingly).
So now that its over, there comes the question of how he got to them, and how can it be prevented. Well, Feivel is 'smart' and knows how to open doors. We have door handles like these:
So all he has to do is jump and scratch to open doors. This has led to us barring doors with gates (which he hates and usually won't touch anything with a gate in front of it). So either someone left the door open, or Feivel didn't care about the gate, because I made sure to secure the house before I left. 
We definitely need to get some round door knobs, and we need to get him some toys that he really wants to play with. Titus is usually the one to play with toys, Feivel rarely carries them around the way Titus does. 
I will update with anti-Feivel strategies when I do them, because this can't happen again, for the sake of my heart, my sanity, my wallet, and for the Golden Goat's health.

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  1. You can try to get him more interested in playing with toys too by encouraging him to and then clicking and rewarding him for doing it. And frozen food + water in kongs are awesome!