Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Dismal Forest

This took much too long. I can't really say I'm exceedingly pleased with the outcome, the reference I chose was gray and foggy, and my rendition of it turned out to be not quite as good as I'd hoped. This is the largest acrylic piece I've ever attempted; I believe it's 24x30 inches. I kept redoing parts and I ended up wasting a lot of paint. I think for my next piece I'll choose a nice open scene... These trees are so darned tricky! 
Doom is threatening to steal it to put in his apartment... I don't feel that its worthy but since I don't really wanna put it up in my room I might just let him have it.
OH, and note to self: NEVER use sharpie to sketch out the painting on the canvas. It bleeds through the acrylics. I've put MULTIPLE layers over the sharpie areas but it still kinda shows.
My brain is numb now. >~<


  1. I really like it myself :) I love the colours and the concept.

  2. HAHA I could have told you that much, even a pen or thick pencil will bleed a bit. I learned that the hard way myself. This is beautiful, what a fantastic idea! To make it "better" next time you could try putting in a few more details in the grass or whatnot. Things to catch the eye. I love this though!

    1. I agree, I also should've put more ripples in the water! Hehehe