Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break, You will be missed

Oh spring break, your stay was much too short. I already miss you, and I regret that I could not be as carefree as I would have liked, but homework and studying beckoned and that is a call I cannot ignore. I'll miss the first days of bliss and ignorance, pretending like I didn't still have a dramatic end to the semester ahead of me, nor a summer filled with math and science to endure. But overall it was sweet, I do enjoy days with nothing to do but what I want.
Here are some of the things I did over spring break: stayed with Doom (a lot!), watched Invader Zim, ate WAY too much (it was unfortunately that time of the month, don't judge me!), luckily avoided jury duty, volunteered, painted, wrote Doom a letter to be read in 20 years (bahaha, it was a random idea that struck me and I just had to do it), played some Pokemon Soul Silver, watched Game of Thrones second season first episode, found a fascinating pre-veterinary forum that I've been reading and learning a lot about the application process, groomed both my doggies and got them seen at the vet (good news: Titus' weird bump thing is actually a cyst, not anything to worry about, yay! Feivel's still needs to get a biopsy) aaaaand for the blah part of my break: homework and studying. And not nearly enough of it, but hey I'm only human. Soooo... welcome back, semester. And on to putting in my 100%!


  1. I love that idea of a letter to be read in 20 years time XD Just don't lose it xD!!! Actually, if someone wrote me a letter to be read in 20 years time I don't know if I could stand not reading it earlier, I'm terrible at waiting for things xD

  2. Hehehehe awww sounds like fun!