Sunday, April 15, 2012


Volunteered at the therapeutic riding center with a few pre-vet girls, it was good to get to know them more! It also felt good to do some manual labor. My back and arms are soooore! ^~^
There was nummy food afterwords. Tacos! And epic desserts!
Volunteered at the feral cat clinic, it was a lot of fun this time around. Less stressful and more enjoyable overall, plus I got to talk to a guy who just got accepted into vet school! I learned a lot. There were a couple sad cases there; a mother cat gave birth to a dead kitten, it wasn't even fully developed, just a little pink thing with no hair. Then another cat died of a heart problem, apparently its rather common in cats. After I got home I decided to study outside because it was soooo nice and warm out. Plus the doggies really seemed to like it.

Feivel's a goofball. :]

The sun was making Titus super sleepy hehehe.


  1. I love your dogs :) And that pool looks so inviting! Do the dogs ever get in it?

    1. Yes, they do love jumping in when its really hot here! Titus more than Feivel though. :)

  2. Awww teh puppies are sooooo cute! Hehehehe