Thursday, April 12, 2012


Some things make me so happy...
Music; Death Cab for Cutie, Regina Spektor, Coldplay, Goo Goo Dolls, The Postal Service, Bush, The Killers
Art; watercolors, acrylics, pens, pencils, cameras
The Universe; Carl Sagan, stars, galaxies, infinity, s p  a   c    e, Earth, sunrises, sunsets, plants, animals, biology, mountains and forests and streams and deserts and meadows, James Herriot, evolution, tolerance, logic, beginnings, endings, and all that's in between
The Little Things; tearing up during a commute cause a beautiful song comes on the radio, trying out new things, sushi, road trips, big love, hugs, knowing you're not alone, blueberries, mangoes, sitting outside on a lounge chair just enjoying the sunshine, things that remind you of beautiful beginnings (Closing time, open all the doors and let you out into the world...), coming home to my dogs, the smell of old books, friends, laughing at everything and nothing (like at midnight when someone won't stop singing horrible rap songs in your ear and you're so tired and annoyed that all you can do is laugh, hysterically), Breathless excitement for the future, moving forward, biology textbooks
Oh, and Doom <3 (I know who I want to take me home, I know who I want to take me home, I know who I want to take me home, take me hoooome...)
What makes you happy? :)


  1. Or when you mock some one else's favorite TV character whom is actually really sexy. LOL