Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who am I?

Who am I, you may be wondering, this Bewildermunster, with her incessant babble and endless flow of useless pictures and art? (or am I wondering who I am?) I'm not who I've always been, and I don't find it unreasonable to be someone else after twenty years on this planet. I still love animals, and nature, that has never changed, but now that love has grown and melded with new loves for science and art and love. I am not so concerned with negativity, and argumentation, and opinions. 'To each his own,' I think, and sometimes say, now. Not that I'm a bubbly personality, I can't deny my introverted nature. But those closest to me see how happy and crazy I can be. Especially Doom, my other half, my partner throughout this latest section of my life, and hopefully throughout the rest of it. I have a goal, that seems so distant and difficult that sometimes I feel I might just quake with fear, and sometimes so attainable I want to grab at it like a child at a candy store. I want this goal more than (almost) anything. I want to be a veterinarian. I go to school, and love the biology courses I take, but I at least try to see the beauty in other subjects as well (as mind-numbingly hard as organic chemistry and math are.) I live in the desert, and though it sometimes swallows me up, there are worse places to be. Like places where I can't have my dogs, or Doom.
Are these words not enough to explain who I am? Let me reveal to you my treasures:
My bookshelf, jam packed with games and movies and horse figurines, jewelry and photos, remnants of my past, and more current belongings as well. 

 (part of) my wall, a map of the world cause why not?, some art, a calendar, my bulletin board with random things. Yes, my walls are pink, a decision I now (kinda) regret.
 A journal I have kept for a few years. I fill it with strange dreams that I have, I find it entertaining, and it helps me forget nightmares, like extracting them from my brain and locking them in a notebook.
 Feivel, sweet goofy Feivel, who might just be as in love with Doom as I am. My second dog, my baby.

Titus, quirky, loud, the "old man". My first baby, my soul-dog.
Admittedly, I am not so concerned with discovering who I am as simply being who I am. I do enjoy the occasional attempt at classification though. So there it is, here I am. A post for those who might be wondering.

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  1. You are wonderful, couldn't ask for a better friend. <3